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5 Active Games for Kids at Home

Keeping kids active at home is a huge benefit to their well being and can keep them busy while developing motor skills and coordination.  Variety in activity is important to keeping children interested, and building a well-rounded athletic base, here are some activities we think you will both enjoy, everybody wins!

1. Mini Stick Hockey

Mini Stick Hockey, a fun Canadian basement staple

A staple in Canadian basements, mini stick hockey is a great introduction to the game and helps work on skills like stickhandling, passing, and shooting.  Fun for all ages, add targets for more difficulty or solo play.

10 Mini Stick Hockey Games

2. Hand Hockey

Hand Hockey, All the fun of mini sticks without the sticks

A variation with less equipment, Hand Hockey is similar to mini stick hockey but using your hands instead of sticks.  The only critical rule is no closing your hand over the ball (no throwing).

Indoor Games: Hand Hockey

3. Mini Soccer

Mini Soccer, fun and fast paced, focused on skills development

Great for kids because of the proportional size, soccer is the most popular sport in the world for its accessibility, and simple basics.  With some Quikrings, you can create endless games

10 Soccer Footwork, Passing, and Shooting Drills for Kids

4. Arcade Scoring Remix

With the Multitarget Quikfly, remix your favourite games with new scoring and challenges

With our Multitarget Quikfly, variation in target size adds arcade scoring that remix old favourites and be played with a wider variety of shapes and toys like beanbagsballshockey mini sticks or other balls and objects you already own.

7 Remixes with your Multitarget Quikfly

5. Tossing Games

Fun at home or on the road, tossing games are easy and slow-paced.

One of the great features of the Portanet is being able to lower the angle, changing all of mechanics for target games.  While most will think of popular camp or beach games like cornhole, you can also play variations of other sports as well like saucing mini hockey balls or chipping golf balls into the targets.

6 Endless Backyard Tossing Games

These are just some ideas for ways to keep kids occupied, and while our Portanet helps make these games easier to play, the important thing is keeping active and having fun, no matter the equipment.

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