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10 Fun Soccer Footwork, Passing, and Shooting Drills for Kids

Drills for building athleticism and ball control with our mini-ball and agility Quikrings

Foot speed and first touches are an important part of ball control, the smoother you receive the ball and more precisely you know what will happen when you kick it, the more time and space you will create for your team to work with.  Best when in the form of fun games to keep kids engaged, here are some drills for developing these skills.


1 Portanet with included Soccer Quikflys

1+ Soccer Mini Balls

1 Pack Quikrings


Ring Weave: With Quikrings arranged in a line with a gap 1-ring wide between them, focus on using a single foot to weave the ball from left to right down the line.  Repeat with other foot, take a shot on goal at the end for a reward.

Ring Zig-Zag: Set up Quikrings in two lines in a zig-zag pattern, and use a single foot to zig zag the ball from left to right down the line.  Focus on stronger kicks over the longer distances, but light touches around the rings.  Repeat with other foot, and take a shot on goal at the end.

Runway Speed: Set up two rows of rings around 5 feet apart, stretching down as long as you like to make a narrow runway.  Starting with a strong outside foot kick, try to fit in two strides between each time you kick the ball, and run through the track as quickly as you can.  Repeat with other foot and finish with a shot on goal.

Runway Control: With the same setup as Runway Speed, try to run down the track as quickly as you can, while touching the ball on each stride.  Repeat with other foot, take a shot on goal at the end.

Scramble: Arrange the rings in a random pattern in front of the goal, and dribble through them from different angles, using different parts of your foot.  For a vertical challenge, use the included lawn anchors to hold up rings vertically.  Repeat 5 times, finish with shot on goal.


Static Passing: Set up two Quikrings 2 feet apart and then another two rings 8 feet away.  With one player behind each pair, pass back and forth in the channel created by the rings with two touches to start, and one touch as you get more confident.  You can also play this on your own against a wall or fence.  Focus on great foot placement, use the target circles on our Mini Ball as reference points.

Loop Passing: Set up two Quikrings 8 feet apart.  Starting clockwise, kick the ball with your left foot to your partner along one side of the rings.  Your partner will receive the pass with their right foot and tap it to their left, where they will return the ball to you.  Receive the ball with your right foot and continue moving the ball around.  Switch directions after 10 reps.

Ring Passing: Using the included lawn anchors with your Portanet, stake in rings vertically into the grass.  Starting from either side of the row, pass the ball back and forth to your partner trying to pass either through the rings or over.

Target Shooting: Set up 2 Quikrings 8 feet from the Portanet with the soccer Quikfly.  With the ball between the two rings, try to hit the targets.  This is a great game to play with a friend and have a friendly competition.

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