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Hello There!

Local Legend is a passionate team of sports gear designers-turned-parents dedicated to making original, exceptionally fun and affordable sports toys your kids will love.

Founded in 2021 to launch the Portanet, a unique sports goal designed during the pandemic to keep our kids entertained and active, Local Legend creates innovative sports toys informed by parenting and experience designing for premiere athletes and Olympians. Local Legend quickly found out that busy, young families everywhere wanted an easy and affordable way of raising active kids at home.

By selling direct online, our operating costs are kept low (a fraction of major toy brands) and we can offer products that are less expensive, yet packed with modern features like mini sticks with bendable blades, our packable Portanet with multiple targets and setup angles, and stick socks, which protect your floors from scratches. 

Every idea, pattern, print, and assembly was first cut and sewn in Toronto, Canada.

Our Products

1. Are Original Designs

We create original products that offer new ways to play together. While based on popular sports, how you play is open-ended.
Creative Game Ideas

2. Are Made To Last

We use quality, technical materials from a decade in the performance sporting goods industry to stand up to energetic play.

3. Promote Quality Time

There's nothing better than time spent together, and we make it easier to fit in a quick game. Our toys offer enough challenge to keep you engaged and work up a sweat!