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7 Remixes with your Multitarget Quikfly

Multitarget Quikfly remixes your favourite games with an arcade spin

Whether you're heading up to the cottage to escape the city or just looking for some downtime at home, bring a Portanet with the Multitarget Quikfly and mix-and-match the game equipment below with arcade-style scoring.


1 Portanets with included Multitarget Quikfly

1+ Flyballs

4+ BeanBags


Multitarget Quikfly: Assign points to each of the pockets, according to their difficulty (less points for larger targets, more targets for smaller).

HockeyShoot Flyballs with Mini Sticks from a set distance.

Hand Hockey: Shoot Flyballs using your hands from a set distance.

Bean Bags: Throw or Toss Bean Bags from a set distance.

Other Objects: Mix it up!  Maybe every player has a mix of balls, bean bags, or other items you already own, and they themselves are worth different points. 

Math Challenge: Add or multiply the points from the object and the pocket together for a combination score.

Multi-Distance: Add a new challenge by setting different distances and locations with Quikrings that multiply your score by two.


TimedSet a timer for 1 minute, and score as many points as possible before the buzzer goes.

First to 21: Assign different points to the baskets, and the first to reach 21 without going over wins.  2 attempts per turn, if you exceed 21 you reset to 0.

HORSE: Get creative with trick shots.  1st player tries a shot and if successful, 2nd player has to duplicate.  If 1st player misses, it is the second player's turn to come up with a shot.  If a player misses on their turn to duplicate a shot, they get a letter.  First to spell HORSE loses.

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