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6 Endless Backyard Games for the Fam

Tossing Games, great for slow-paced evenings at home or at the park

An incredibly popular way of passing the time and having fun in the great outdoors, backyard tossing games are simple yet super addicting.  Need help getting started with some game ideas? We're here to help!

Our Portanets change angle to 30 degrees, using the same side supports that hold it upright.  This lets you play a whole range of camp and carnival games like Cornhole or bean bag toss, and with some creativity you can play even more.  Here are 6 games to get started.


1 or 2 Portanet with included Multitarget Quikfly

1+ Flyballs

4+ BeanBags


Bean Bag Toss: Setting Portanets 10 feet apart, each team takes turns tossing from their end to the net on the other side with an underhand motion.  Different points awarded for hitting the various sized targets, optionally you can award 1 point for a bean bag that is resting on the target but not in a basket.

Hockey Sauce: With either Mini Sticks or your own hockey sticks, "sauce" balls or pucks towards the targets, assigning different points for the various sized baskets.


Golf Chipper: With your own golf clubs and balls, chip balls towards the targets, awarding different points for different baskets.

HORSE: Get creative with trick shots.  1st player tries a shot and if successful, 2nd player has to duplicate.  If 1st player misses, it is the second player's turn to come up with a shot.  If a player misses on their turn to duplicate a shot, they get a letter.  First to spell HORSE loses.

Longshot: Set markers at various distances (Quikrings work well for this), and see who can hit the center basket from furthest away.  See how far you can get!

First to 21: Assign different points to the baskets, and the first to reach 21 without going over wins.  2 attempts per turn, if you exceed 21 you reset to 0.

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