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How To Train Future Olympians

We're always excited to watch the Olympics here at Local Legend, and share a whole different world of athletics with our kids! As avid mountain bikers, we're excited to cheer on 🇨🇦  Haley Smith, 🇺🇲  Kate Courtney, and more on the world stage.

Unfortunately we don't make bikes or jumps (yet?!), but that doesn't mean we can't get into the Olympic spirit🥇 Here are our own events, played on the Portanet!

1. Soccer / Football

Mini Stick Hockey, a fun Canadian basement staple

We're excited to watch Christine Sinclair and Team Canada take on the world in Tokyo, and as always a much anticipated match against Team USA if they meet!  We've written an article with 10 more drills for raising soccer stars.

2. Archery / Shooting

With the Multitarget Quikfly, remix your favourite games with new scoring and challenges

Set up the Target Quikfly on the upright net, and you and your children can practice their accuracy with a bow and arrow or foam dart gun. If your kids have a pirate costume, borrow that eyepatch and look just like the pros!

3. Field Hockey

Hand Hockey, All the fun of mini sticks without the sticks

Admittedly, it's a little strange for us to see Canada as an underdog in anything related to hockey, but nevertheless we wish Team Canada the best of luck in Tokyo!

4. Golf

Mini Soccer, fun and fast paced, focused on skills development

Want to keep an eye on the matches while working on your game? Set up the Portanet in its tilted angle, and practice chipping with our Flyballs, soft enough to keep your walls safe (we're aiming for future Olympics for now!)

Hope you enjoy these games, while you enjoy The Games! We'll be rooting for you in 2032!

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