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Sticks And Socks Set
Sticks And Socks Set
Sticks And Socks Set
Sticks And Socks Set

Sticks And Socks Set

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2 Mini Hockey Sticks
4 Stick Socks
1 Flyball

Add your linemates with Local Legend Mini Hockey Sticks, featuring curve-able blades, a Flyball, and keep mom and dad happy with a 4 pack of Stick Socks that protect your walls and floors from scuffs and dents.

Includes two red and two yellow socks and are made of textured 4-way stretch fabric that fits larger player and goalie mini sticks too.



Custom Curve
Our stick blades can be curved easily with 15 minutes and a glass of hot water.

Claim your stick with the name and number bar.

Better Shape
Unique geometry with rounded corners and taller blades provide easier ball handling.

Safe Indoors
Socks protect walls and floors from unwanted dents and scuffs from sticks.

4-Way Stretch
Sock material stretches for universal fit over larger mini sticks from other brands.

Texture Grip
3D Grid texture on socks enhances ball control.

Mini Stick Tech Features: Portable, Lightweight, Personalize Your Own, Durable, Safe Indoors, Weather Resistant, Easy CleanDETAILS

Stick Dimensions  50 x 12cm
Stick Materials
Stick Sock Dimensions 19 x 8cm
Stick Sock Materials
4-Way Stretch Polyester
Country of Origin
Designed in Canada