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Soccer Mini Ball
Soccer Mini Ball
Soccer Mini Ball
Soccer Mini Ball
Soccer Mini Ball

Soccer Mini Ball

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 1 Soccer Mini Ball

Great for practicing first touches, our premium Local Legend Soccer Mini Ball features two high-contrast target circles that aid teaching precision, coordination, and accuracy.



Skills Size
Our mini ball is a standard size 1 ball, used by athletes to develop footwork and control on the pitch in addition to being a great size for younger players.

Bold Target Aid
Two large, gloss white circles on the ball aid player understanding of how striking the ball in various places affects spin, speed, and accuracy.

Performance Materials and Construction
Rubber bladder for superior rebound and air retention, durable TPU skin.

Soccer Mini Ball Tech Features: Portable,  Lightweight, Visual Guides, Durable, Safe Indoors, Weather Resistant, Easy Clean


45cm Circumference
TPU Skin, Rubber Bladder
Country of Origin
Designed in Canada