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About Us

 At Local Legend Toys, we design toys that make it easier for families to play together and create moments through sport.

For kids there's so much at their fingertips with their phones and tablets, yet 70% of parents say they would like to reduce screentime.  It's a huge challenge because many families don't have time to shuttle kids to activities and back, and we miss out on time spent teaching your kids skills, teamwork, and showing off that mom and dad used to be sporty.

There's a lot of appeal for vintage toys with modern twist, but sports toys haven't changed since we were kids - still bright, bulky, and single-sport.  We make versatile sports toys with modern design, bringing a decade of experience designing performance equipment for athletes to our products, and believe the fun of sports doesn't come from flashy materials, but from playing together - teaching them how to spin a soccer ball, showing off your athletic chops, and passing on that moment when you first beat your dad at hoops to your kids.

As parents ourselves, we also consider the space that toys take in our homes, and design our products to be great to look at, multi-use, durable, and portable.

Now when you’re with the kids on a weeknight, after homework is all done, we make it easier to play a quick game together, get moving, and play without a phone in your hand.  We envision active families, neighbourhoods, communities, playing together and establishing who is the Local Legend.