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How To Teach Sports (And Have Fun Doing It)

Have you been looking for new ways to introduce your kids to sports? There are tons of benefits like:

  • Better Vision ::: Processing and seeing balls from a variety of distances helps with eye health, especially with increased screentime
  • Motor Skills Development ::: Build coordination, proprioception, and new skills
  • Knowledge of Performance ::: By setting achievable and measurable goals, kids can see their own improvement

The first step towards youth sports and an active lifestyle starts at home, and this easy to follow guide for parents will show how we can help.



Especially at the beginning we’re looking to establish a love of physical play, and we can’t think of many things more motivating to kids than mom and dad wanting to get involved in playtime and show off a little! That’s why we leaned on our background in pro sports equipment to make our products ultra tough, and stand up to the hardest kicks and shots from mom and dad.

With the variety of sports and activities you can play together with the Portanet, you can also find out what types of activities your kids are interested in, before committing to summer camps or youth teams.



It’s always easier when you have a target to aim for, and our Quikflys give exactly that. Perfect for ages six to nine when your child has developed basic motor skills, balance, and understanding goals.

To help out, our gear includes visual cues like the large target circles on our soccer balls, which give a target for your feet to kick at, and Quikrings make great markers for learning and building agility with footwork, hopscotch, and marking boundaries. It’s like using shoes to mark goals on the playground except no one has to play in socks!




With easy carry bags and flat packing, our Portanets can go with you anywhere - a weekend at the cottage, camping, and especially those travel peewee tournaments.

Always ready for a quick game, our Portanet makes it easy to get some active time without the time commitment of organized teams, and more time playing means less time watching TV.. always a plus in our book.


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